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Welcome to my RuPaul's Drag Race blog. My favorite queens are Shannel, Jinkx Monsoon, Chad Michaels, Nina Flowers, Raven, Latrice Royale, Ongina, Pandora Boxx, Manila Luzon, Alyssa Edwards...I could go on. All content belongs to its respective owners. Header photo is my edit of a photo from I'm a member of The Drag Race Network.

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I’m finally caught up on RPDR season 6…will definitely be watching it live next season. It’s so much more fun seeing everyone else react along with you, plus it’s no fun being late to the party. I am in a state of excitement about it and everyone else has cooled off by now. Oh well. I wanted to remain unspoiled but I found out the top 3/winner a while ago, which is actually a good thing because I had time to prepare myself for Bendelacreme’s untimely elimination. Can I just say how much I love her? I had a feeling she would be my fave and she exceeded my expectations. What I have seen of her outside of the show has only made me love her more. I ended up liking Adore more than I anticipated, and Bianca was awesome as well. 

Rank Your Favorite RuPaul's Drag Race Queens



Ever wonder where the drag race queens rank in your mind? well ow you can find out! yaaaaay

Play this game you guys!

This was hard! My results for top 20:

RankQueenr1Shannel1Nina Flowers1Jinkx Monsoon1Bendelacreme5Tammie Brown5Ongina5Raven5Alaska5Adore Delano5Bianca Del Rio11Alyssa Edwards12Latrice Royale12Chad Michaels14Manila Luzon15Pandora Boxx15Jujubee17Milk18April Carrion19Raja20Yara Sofia

Lot of ties! 

Hello, I’m back. I didn’t have internet for a while then my laptop broke. Got a new one over the weekend. Still haven’t seen the last season of RPDR. Did you miss me? No? Ok.

If you’re still following me, much love to you! I moved and haven’t gotten wifi at my new place yet, and it takes forever to load everything on tumblr. Hope to be back blogging soon.

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My blog turned 1 today!

My blog turned 1 today!

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I drank too much wine and I just sent a scathing e-mail to the guy that dumped me yesterday for someone else oop

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That Thing Alyssa Does: Laughing at her own jokes.